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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  January 3, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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manassas, virginia. >> but he got what he wanted? mike, what about you? >> i learned how much money has been spent, misspent, wasted, and stolen in afghanistan, that will be interesting. >> mika? >> when it snows, maybe you don't go to disney world? maybe? >> no complaints here. willie, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it'smong "morning joe." now, chuck and savannah. i think we'll be over a constant battle over jobs and the economy. >> more than that, probably. a cold welcome as the president still awaits his return from vacation. the new republican congress already flexing its muscles. and lewd videos made on an aircraft carrier are being investigated by the navy. the star, the ship's commander. and michael steele in a tough fight to keep running the rnc. he goes face to face with some
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of his challengers at a debate today. it's monday, january 3rd, 2010. i'm chuck todd. happy new year. happy 2011. >> hi, chuck todd. nice to see you again. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and a big thing happened over the break. >> another new year? >> another birthday. >> you were one of those poor children that had horrible christmases, because you got the big combo gift. >> it's true, two days after christmas, no one wanted to celebrate. >> did you get the extra big gift? >> no, no one tried to do the combo gift. for anyone who has children with birthdays around christmas, don't do the combo gift. anyway, new year, first, what we're watching today. a big question for us. has the president made any of these big personnel decisions while vacationing in hawaii. that white house reorganization plan awaits the president's
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sign-off. >> here's what we officially know. we officially know that david plough, the campaign manager from 2008, he arrives any day now and we still await the replacement for larry summers. some chatter about robert gibbs. any other folks inside the west wing, that is all still up in the air. and of course, first impressions. 112th congress gets sworn in on wednesday. will the first month of a republican-led house be known for relitigating the house, pushing for repeal of health care, focus on an investigation, or is that really the first impression the republican congress wants to leave with the american public, or are they going to keep their focus on spending and the economy? yesterday with the sunday show, savannah, it was interesting. the headlines seemed to be about the past. >> indeed. also, a big fight looming over the debt ceiling and how that will play out. we shall see. this is the president's last day of vacation. he heads back to washington late tonight. and congress is getting back down to town too. republicans, if you haven't heard, take control of the house this week. mark murray is nbc news's deputy political director, keeping an eye on all of it.
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so, mark, what will you be watching for this week? >> well, savannah, president obama extended his vacation an extra day. he won't be returning until tomorrow afternoon. but with republicans set to control the house of representatives, they're planning for a rude awakening for him when he returns to washington, d.c. darrell issa, the incoming chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee released a list, a laundry list of what he wants to investigate in the new congress. some of those things include investigating corruption in afghanistan, fannie and freddie mac's roles in the foreclosure crisis, and even the wikileaks disclosures. also on the sunday shows, south carolina republican lindsey graham talked that republicans will be wanting to overturn president obama's signature health care law, so it looks like we might see a lot of trench warfare on capitol hill in the next congress, which begins on wednesday. chuck and savannah, back to you.
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>> hey, mark, obviously, this week is going to be more about symbolism than substance. in fact, it's my understanding that speaker boehner, when he becomes speaker, and other republicans plan to read, word for word, the u.s. constitution on floor of the house. first time that that's been done. this seems to be a little bit of a -- a little bit of an homage to the tea party wing of the republican party, of course, propelled them into the majority. but we're seeing that tension already playing out, it seemed yesterday, on the sunday shows. >> you're exactly right, chuck. reading the constitution seems to be a way to placate the tea party. however, it's something that boehner and the house republicans promised they would do if they took back control of congress. but certainly one of the biggest challenges for john boehner, as well as other republicans, will be what they do with the tea party. will the tea party end up controlling the republican party or will it be co-opted by it? that will be a development we'll be watching over the next few
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months. >> a lot to keep an eye on. mark murray, nbc's deputy political director, in our newsroom this morning. mark, thank you. >> thank you. the first trading day of the new year gets under way in 20 minutes. let's get a preview from cnbc's becky quick. becky, i know everything's still all atwitter -- although that's the wrong word. facebook is more valuable than boeing? i mean, seriously? >> i know. i still can't get over this either. the deal you're talking about -- we'll get to the markets in just a second, but the deal you're talking about is this deal that facebook has now cut a private deal with goldman sachs and a russian investment firm. between them, they're going to be investing $500 million. the stake that they're taking would imply that the overall valuation for facebook should be $50 billion. that's right. $50 billion. remember, this is a social networking site. there's questions as to how much revenue they can raise. although they've been doing fairly well, we've seen some estimates that maybe $2 billion is what they could bring in in terms of revenue. it's raising a lot of questions.
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it does mean, potentially, that they're getting closer to an ipo. in fact, the board of facebook says that they are considering an ipo, an initial public offering, for the year 2012. so chuck and savannah, you too could own a very small piece of this in the not too distant future. let's talk a little bit about what's happening on the markets this morning. we do see the equities market looking as if it's going to open quite a bit sharply higher this morning. getting things off to a good start for this new year. looks like dow futures are up about 86 points above fair value at this point. that's a decent start for the new year. this is the time of year when most people start taking money and putting it back into their retirement accounts once again. that's why there's this influx of new money. that's helping this out. and you can watch out for oil prices, it's creeping above $92 a barrel once again today, shooting back towards the triple digits, and that's one thing what people are worried about. what it could mean for the consumer. chuck and savannah, back to you. >> cnbc's becky quick, thank you. happy new year. a top commander is under fire firing the release of body
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videos he allegedly helped produce aboard a navy aircraft carrier. >> this evening, we've got some different chicks in the shower in a clip that was previously too sensitive to show. >> that was captain owen honors, then the xo, now the kparcomman of the "uss enterprise," narrating raunchy shows that included gay slurs. jim miklaszewski is following this at the pentagon. what can you tell us? >> the navy has launched an investigation to determine if any kind of disciplinary action can be taken against owen honors for these videos that were taken four to five years ago. and also to determine why his superior officers back then, who knew about this video, didn't take any disciplinary steps at the time. it's important to remember that these kinds of videos have become pretty much a mainstay for american service members deployed to both the wars in iraq and afghanistan, to break
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the mayhem and boredom of those wars, but clearly navy officials looking at these videos now think that this top navy commander and his videos crossed the line. in fact, when this first broke over the weekend, the initial first reaction from the navy was, yes, we know about this, it's been dealt, and case closed. but once senior navy officials here in the pentagon got a look at some of the actual video, which quite frankly, was offensive to me, so that's a stretch, as you can well imagine, that the navy officials said, wait a minute, here, full stop, reverse. let's take a look at this again and launched this investigation. >> hey, mik, i have to bring up a word that i know is a stain on the navy, and that is tail hook. how much does the memory of that end up maybe making them more sensitive in dealing in a very public way with this issue? >> well, clearly, that was a pivotal, seminal event for the navy. and it took some time for the
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navy to reverse that course, as you can well imagine. and crack down on those senior navy officers at the time who were involved in what had been considered inappropriate -- eventually considered inappropriate behavior. but, you know, what's interesting about this, again, is that top navy officials here in the pentagon were willing to accept that this had been dealt with. so there are some serious questions being raised about what did that leadership really look at, and what kind of decisions did they make four or five years ago about this captain? now, a reminder here, "enterprise" is set to deploy back toward afghanistan in a couple of weeks, and there are many here in the pentagon who are betting that captain honors, who has since been promoted to top commander of the "enterprise," it's not likely that he's going to be on that ship, according to some officials here in the building. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you. >> all right. coming up, that new
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political order in washington, it's here, almost. there december's spirit of bipartisanship drive the new year? probably not. we're going to preview those battles ahead. okay. and from russia with love. undercover spy turns media darling. anna chapman ushers in 2011 with a new starring role. but first, a look at the president's schedule. guess what, he's still on vacation. he got to do what all of us really wanted to do this morning -- >> sleep in. >> not set the alarm, sleep in one more day! but we're not him, are we? you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance.
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as part of our pledge, we said that we would bring up a vote to repeal health care
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early. that will happen before the president's state of the union address. after that, we're going to go after this bill piece by piece. >> that was congressman fred upton, the incoming chair of the energy and commerce committee, promising a two-pronged republican effort to derail the health care bill. >> meanwhile, the president returns tomorrow to that new political order. battles ahead apparently over health care, more so than maybe he thought, spending with and the debt limit. republican strategist kevin madden is a former press secretary and anita dunn. happy new year. kevin, let me start with you on the headlines that were generated off the sunday shows yesterday. if you were still in your old job with john boehner, do you want the headlines to be about investigations and relitigating health care, or do you want them to be about spending and jobs and making government smaller? >> the latter, but i do think you have to recognize that the public right now is very unhappy
9:15 am
with the way washington is working. so where you use the word "investigations," i would use the word "oversight." where you would say they're looking into things that seem to be trivial, i think it's a new era of accountability. and that's what people voted for when they voted for president obama, but they were very unhappy with his performance. and now you have essentially a new republican congress that is bringing in an era of accountability and challenging the status quo. i think it's aligned with a lot of popular sentiment. >> anita, what should the white house's response be? you could go relitigate the health care debate, or ignore the republicans, say, it's the law of the land, and focus on jobs and the economy. what do you think the white house will do? >> savannah, i think it's amusing that republicans having spent so much time in 2010 arguing that the democrats should be spending more time on jobs and less time on health care, now spend time on health care, which is now the law of the land.
9:16 am
and they're talking about taking benefits away from people and i think starting the year taking benefits against people, that people fought for for years. having a symbolic vote to take that away does set a tone here. i think that if, you know, the white house has the opportunities here, first of all, to define the health law in a way that it's never been defined before, because now we are talking about taking benefits away from people that they are enjoying. and sos that what the rps stand for. and more to the point, i think that the white house has the opportunity to really define the economic argument here, thanks to the republicans deciding to go down the kind of investigations, take away benefits, and most importantly, abandoning the idea of pay-go for huge parts of the budget. >> you know, kevin, this next -- this week is going to be very ceremonial. and it's going to be symbolic. and some of the first impressions that a speaker, john boehner, wants to have with swing voters is going to happen this week, this reading of the
9:17 am
constitution. what is this line here that we have with the tea party. you know, mark murray used the line earlier, will the tea party get co-opted or are they going to run the republican party. if you're john boehner, how do you with handle it? >> i disagree with the idea that the tea party is separate. and i don't think the tea party is a monolithic organization, either. i think it's a reform element within a center-right electorate. and i think what happens now, that john boehner, if you look at the reactions to the election results, they were a study in contrast. i think the white house had to be dragged kicking and streaming into understanding te electoral mandate that was just given to republicans. and i think republicans talked about listening. talked about bringing the government closer to the american public. and they'll focus on those issues like spending, like deficits, like a more smaller government, a more efficient government. and i think those are all aligned with tea party sentiments, but also very closely aligned with the big middle of the electorate. independents care about spending and the size of government.
9:18 am
>> do you expect the president to come out at the state of the union and put forth some spending cut proposals and say, all right, i call your bluff, republicans. >> i think what the white house is going to do is set out a very pro-active growth agenda. what the american people clearly said, and i think kevin would agree, is they would like to have an economy that generates jobs, and they would like the middle class in this country to have the kind of jobs that let them support their family and give their kids a good future. they like schools that are going to prepare people for the future. and i think what you'll see the president talking about is will be a very pro-active growth agenda that lets american companies compete overseas. and yes, we have to be careful and cut the deficit. i think it will be interesting to see how the republicans reconcile deficit control, with their apparently "give tax breaks to anyone who walks in" philosophy in their new pay-go rules. >> two quick political subjects. one, anita, on the white house. are we seeing, it looks like fresh legs, not fresh blood.
9:19 am
which means it's folks off the bench that have been part of the team coming into these senior jobs. speculation to replace larry summers, somebody already in that world, gene sperling, over in the treasury department. is there going to be any new blood? and should there be new blood? >> i think as is the case with any administration, you'll see a combination of things. you'll see people who have been, you know, part of the team, who are, you know, coming in to the white house. and i think that's a natural thing. you'll see people in the white house leaving. which is always the case at midpoint, and also as you move into an election season. and i think you'll see a mix. i think you'll see new people coming and i think you'll see people stepping up to different jobs. and i think that's the way it should be. >> you don't see the need for fresh blood, people coming into a job in a senior role. >> i'm not the president, so i'm not making the personnel decisions, but i would be surprised if at the end of the day, you didn't see a mixture. >> and very quickly, i want to
9:20 am
play a clip of lindsey graham on another former boss of yours on mitt romney. take a listen, "meet the press" yesterday. >> who is a leading contender in your mind? >> probably romney. mitt romney has got his problems as a candidate, but so does everyone else. but it's a changing environment, and the one thing you've got to prove to the people of success, not only that you're conservative, but that you can carry the day. >> i'm trying to figure out, was that an endorsement, or was that a sort of like, well, i guess it's romney and is he like, making it harder for him, if your former boss is the front-runner? does he embrace this idea that he's the front-runner. >> look, the formula for being a front-runner is that whoever, you know, finished second the last time. but you can make the argument that sarah palin, because she was vp on the ticket, finished second. that huckabee finished second, because he stayed in the longest. that romney finished second, because when he did drop out, he was probably poised to offer the best challenge to mccain.
9:21 am
but in an anti-establishnt world, does anybody really want to be the front-runner right now? he's right. everybody does have a problem and everybody's going to have to go out there and earn this. >> it sounds like you'll see a new version of race to the bottom. >> anita dunn, white house communications director, and kevin madden, former romney person, boehner, just perfect. happy new year. still ahead, the battle for the chairmanship at the rnc. with less than a month before the election, why the guy currently holding the job, michael steele, is considered pretty much a long shot at this point. plus, russian's sultry spy, anna chapman, she place out yet another starring role. russian has adopted the reality star culture of america. >> one of our great exports. but first, our washington speak, codel, a congressional field trip. a chance for members of congress to meet with world leaders and check in on how u.s. dollars are
9:22 am
being spent overseas. >> or in the case of hillary clinton and john mccain and lindsey graham, a chance to do vodka shots when they got to do a codel together. if you have some washington speak you would like us to clarify, send us an e-mail atdaat daily run we'll be right back. so he'd plug it into the recipe builder and it just pulls up tons of recipe options. laura's very competitive, whenever i was beating her in weight loss numbers -- i always was winning in percentage. i am a little competitive. together we lost 162 pounds. i don't know if you've noticed, but look at this guy. [ female announcer ] join for free today. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks. but i wasn't winning any ribbons managing my diabetes. it was so complicated. there was a lot of information out there. but it was frustrating trying to get the answers i needed. then my company partnered with unitedhealthcare.
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a new twist to a story that seemed to come straight out of a cold war spy novel. one of the russian sleeper agents exposed to the united states last summer is back home. and of course, the american thing -- way to do things is capitalize on your newfound fame. >> this is not exactly a shocker in terms of a sequel. anna chapman, an instant tabloid sensation in the u.s., and now she's becoming something of a television celebrity. nbc's martin fletcher has the story for us in london. >> good morning, chuck, savannah. getting kicked out of america may well have been the best thing that happened to anna
9:26 am
chapman. apparently with the support of prime minister putin, she's r n reinventing herself as russian's darling. kicked out of america in disgrace, at home, a heroine. a young woman in a big hurry. she wowed russia in a tv special on her life. the host asked her, do you want to be an actress? she said, let's wait until next year. that's today, and here she is, anna chapman doing what she knows best, acting the spy. [ speaking foreign language ] it's a spoof on an old russian movie, husband and wife, both spies, meet in a bar once a year. they can't talk or acknowledge each other, the cia might catch them. the message, don't keep a secret, she says. if you love someone, tell him.
9:27 am
well, in russia the secret's out. they love anna, or rather, anya chapman. she's everywhere. and the colder the winter, the fewer the clothes. cover girl, bond girl, "i'm passionate about shooting," she says. anna chapman, public face of the russian secret service. >> do we have any spies that hot? >> let me make it clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back. >> reporter: blowing her cover in america may have been a great career move, but she seems to miss the united states. new york, what an amazing city, she says. very interesting, very positive energy. she's almost nostalgic. could hollywood be next? one of the ten suspected russian spies deported from the u.s. only six months ago, a work permit may be a bit of a problem. anyway, she may have other ideas. politics. chapman is one of the new
9:28 am
leaders of the youth wing of prime minister putin's political party. but what she most wants, she says, is a pet lion. and if you're anna chapman, apparently, you get what you want. so anna chapman got her pet lion and her new year's dreams are already being fulfilled. chuck and savannah, may your dreams come true too. >> i have to say, this anna chapman thing, maybe valerie plame and anna chapman can -- a global, some sort of spy "survivor." anyway, coming up, why 2011 will be make or break for the president and the economy. because, well, it's the economy and it's 2011. plus, is anywhere safe from snow and frost? not even southern california. winter conditions there really made a mess. and a baffling mystery in arkansas. residents stunned to discover thousands of dead birds falling from the sky. why is it happening?
9:29 am
but first, which u.s. senator opened up a teen nightclub at age 16 called the moth motherlode? the answer and more ahead on "the daily rundown." >> we now -- we're purging the baby boomers out of washington. it's so clear. we'll be right back. ♪ you know how i feel i feel like jennifer hudson but with new arms, new legs, and this smile. ♪ freedom is mine ♪ and i know how i feel i'm loving weight watchers new pointsplus program and the edge it's giving me. ♪ it's a new dawn, a new day i've got even more control now. ♪ and i'm feeling good go on, join for free. weight watchers new pointsplus. because it works. weight watchers new pointsplus.
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bottom of the hour now. a quick look at what's driving this monday morning. >> well, president obama leaves hawaii late tonight and returns to washington tomorrow. as republicans take control of the house, one of the first orders of business is try to roll back the health care overhaul. the navy is launching a new probe into what it calls, quote, clearly inappropriate videos created and shown aboard the aircraft carrier "uss enterprise" four to five years ago, but these are just now being publicly released.
9:33 am
the videos include frequent sexual references and a number of anti-gay slurs. they apparently were produced as a morale booster by or with the consent of the current commander of the ship, owen honors. on wall street, a new report shows that the manufacturing in the eurozone expanded faster than analysts had forecasted. other stories making headlines on this monday. in australia, at least three people are dead, up to 200,000 affected by massive flooding covering an area bigger than texas. this morning, military planes are flying in food and other supplies to those unable to evacuate, as entire cities are cut off by the waters. and officials are warning, more rain is on the way. wild weather continues in southern california, but this time, the problem wasn't rain, it was snow! state police had to close interstate 5 indefinitely sunday because of cars sliding on the road there. and today, arkansas wildlife
9:34 am
officials will begin trying to solve the mystery of why 2,000 blackbirds fell from the sky just before midnight on new year's eve. one expert is suggesting the flock could have been hit by lightning or high-altitude hail. and in northwest arkansas, officials are investigating the mysterious deaths of an estimated 100,000 fish along a 20-mile stretch of the arkansas river. well, the biggest driver of what happens in the 2012 political race has more to do with the economy than politics. so what does the outlook look like this year? >> cnbc's steve liesman joins us now to talk about that. steve, i'm just going to start with three words that to me will tell us everything about the economy -- jobs, housing, gas. take it away. >> you know, i think you make it more complicated, chuck, than it may be. i think the three words that will -- >> sorry. two too many? >> -- determine 2012 are jobs, jobs, and jobs. i think everything else falls into place. i think we can have a lackluster
9:35 am
housing recovery, or none at all, if, in fact, we have the unemployment rate come down to a reasonable level. and i also think that gas will matter, but it won't matter as much, again, as the unemployment rate. if you think about what happened in 2011, how things might have been different if the unemployment rate were lower, if we were actually producing jobs at a rate satisfactory to the american public, i think a lot would have been very different to the outcomes of the election. my three words for 2011 are jobs, jobs, and jobs, chuck. >> i thought that's where he was going with that too, i have to be honest. i was trying to be different. everyone does the jobs thing. >> let's switch to one of my favorite topics, which is shopping. steve, what do we hear from the retail sales over the holiday season. as i understand, it's a little better than expected. >> yeah. we know that the american consumer began spending again pretty strongly in november. we actually have real overall data for that. and december, we have anecdotal data. and it's sounding like it's a pretty good season.
9:36 am
some of the chain stores are reporting decent numbers. and it seems like the consumer both had the income and the willingness to spend in december. so it looks like christmas was a little bit better than we expected, which is a good sign, i think, for hiring. one of the things we want to see, we want to see retail hiring, and this starts to generate itself. goldman sachs is out with a pretty bullish report. we'll have coverage all day on this. for the first time in five years, they're now above the consensus and looking for stronger goethe at 3.4%. and the unemployment to come down slowly, but towards 9% at the end of this year, which would at least be going in the right direction, if not fast enough. >> i want to go to the gas number a minute. i do feel that the american consumer gets affected by two numbers when it's the outlook and the economy. and that's the unemployment number, and basically the price of gasoline. rising in the winter is -- it always rises in the summer. when it rises in the winter, how much of an indicator is it that maybe we're facing real inflation for the first time in
9:37 am
a long time? >> well, i think for sure, chuck, we've seen commodity inflation. whether or not that inflation is going to spill over into the broader economy remains to be seen. we have gold up, we have oil up, we have copper up, we have silver up. all these commodities are way up. and yet what we've seen, we've seen general flatness to down in other price indicators. you are right that it's an indicator of potential inflation down the road. and then you get a real story, which would be very, very interesting. if we get an inflation scare in this country, say towards the summer, does it cause the fed to reverse course? and then you have a different story, perhaps, on jobs if the fed has to fight inflation. i will tell you that bernanke believes he has lots of time to fight this, because he thinks the economy is so underperforming that it's very difficult to have an inflation problem in this country. >> steve, before we let you go, we've got to let you weigh in on the facebook deal. >> unbelievable. >> $50 billion? >> yeah. >> i think it's sufficient. what i don't get is why those -- >> is it the aol of the '90s?
9:38 am
i remember when everyone thought aol was worth a lot of money? >> that's a good point, is that a sell point. when something gets so out of whack? do i ding, like cramer on his show, sell, sell, sell. >> if they're taking stock advice from you, chuck, god bless. >> solely the opinion of -- >> i don't play that game, but those twins who are suing for more than they got, that's an interesting story. the tens of millions of dollars isn't sufficient, they're going to ann an lawyers -- >> disclaimers everywhere all over the show. let's do our trivia. which u.s. senator opened up a teen might club, which is kind of like an oxymoron, at age 16,
9:39 am
and it was called the motherlode? >> the answer, senator mark begich of alaska. coming up, michael steele enters the ring to defend his job at the rnc. good luck with that. is it too late, too late? up next, we're going to break down the vote count and the candidates. but first, the white house soup of the day. new year, old soup. mushroom and leek at the white house today. >> i know, you know, things are mushrooming out of control right now at the west wing, because they're all wondering, when's the big boss actually get back? you'll thought i was going in another direction, didn't you? >> they didn't get a cookbook at the white house for christmas. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪ maxwell house international. stop your world. ♪
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"peanuts" comic strip was penned. the comic strip ran in 2,600 newspapers and gave rise to four feature films as well as dozens of animated tv specials. and just so you know, savannah, as a child by the name of charles, nickname charlie, let's just say every relative thought it was cute to give may charlie brown book, so by the age of 7, i think i had every single charlie brown book that was made at that time. >> well, i think i had every snoopy doll that was ever created. >> and i was excited when peppermint patty used to call him chuck. >> oh, good. let's move to some news. michael steele heading into the ring today to debate the candidates vying to oust him as chairman of the republican national committee. steele's challengers aren't exactly household names, but neither was steele before his
9:44 am
gaf gaffetaskic two years. one of them will be the chairman of the party and a major player in the 2012 presidential election. here to game out the plan, reid wilson, editor in chief of the hotline. he unions us now. steele's got four main challengers, it seems like, at this point. you've got the wisconsin republican primary chairman, ryan paribas. solomon newsas. ann wagner, and maria seeno, who is a backroom player in republican politics for years, in the bush era both 41 and 43. the one thing we know, the chairman is not going to be michael steele. >> as you take a look at the voting members of the rnc, steele doesn't have the votes. he has about 15's public
9:45 am
commitments right now, but nobody's second choice. when you're the incumbent, you're not going to be anybody's second choice. steele's in some real trouble. he has been very slow rolling out endorsements. it's another sign, i think, that this campaign really isn't going anywhere. in terms of the other contenders, the favorite at the moment, he's got about 30 public commitments according to our whip count. a lot of the voters in this race don't make their support public before the first ballot is cast. >> and this is a multiple ballot deal. >> and each of these front-runners has some benefactors, but it is a blessing or a curse in this context to be an establishment pick. >> the 168 voters are people who have got easy access to presidential candidates, to their senators, to their governors. it's no big deal for them when somebody major calls them up and asks for a favor. they're used to this stuff. they're not necessarily wooed by
9:46 am
governor "x" backing one candidate. >> let's talk about these. maria cino, you're finding she's got almost no support. and she had a major benefactor making calls for her. >> she did. barry jackson, the chief of staff for speaker to be john boehner has been making phone calls for maria cino. >> no help? >> dick cheney held a fund-raiser for maria cino, but she's only got six public supporters. >> we have the debate, so we'll hear from these candidates, but explain the mechanics of how this vote will ultimately take place. >> everyone votes in the first round. if nobody gets the 85 votes they need to win, they go to a second round of balloting. what these candidates are doing, not only asking for voter support on the first ballot, but also saying, make me your second
9:47 am
choice, third choice, fourth choice. >> so whoever finishes last is automatically eliminated? >> no. the candidates don't have to drop out. remember the 2009 race, mike duncan didn't drop out until after the third ballot. >> any surprise who's going to show up? he just showed up and said, hey, i might run. >> i don't think we'll see any surprises today, but it was a surprise that gentry collins, the former political director, dropped out late last night. >> and real quick for those who don't follow it as closely as the two of you, why is this roll so important as we head into 2012? >> these outside political groups who played such a big role in 2010 can do the television role and advertising for and against a candidate, but can't do the ground game that's been the rnc's bread and butter for the last couple of decades. that left almost two dozen house seats on the table, as well as a couple of senate seats. so republicans say, put more money into the rnc, you'll get a
9:48 am
better shot at 2012. >> very quickly, everybody talked about as rines paribas as the front-runner. he was close to steele. is that a problem? >> that has become the biggest line of attack against priebus, he was steele's closest ally. >> so at this point you're looking at saul and ann wagner being the chief competitor to priebus? >> those are the two candidates who have the best chance at lasting. coming up next, a national phenomenon you'll have to see to believe. >> it is. we have some other stuff we'll throw in the shallow as well. follow us any time at twitter @chucktodd and @savannahguthrie. we took a little vacation from tweeting, because everyone needed a little time off. >> from us. then i did a tour of duty in iraq. when i was transitioning from active duty, i went to a military officer hiring conference. it was kind of like speed dating.
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okay. before we go, we'll take a dip in the shallow end where we would like you to meet ben. >> hello, ben. >> a new year's baby, who is adorable, but unusual. ben if you can't tell by looking, is a panda cow. >> that's what i was wondering, is it a panda cow? >> it's a panda cow, only 25 in the world. why would someone breed a cow to look like a panda? he's expected to sell for $30,000. ben and his fellow panda cows the result of 50 years of genetic manipulation. if you can afford him, don't get too atamped to this cutie. he'll be four feet tall and weigh close to 1,000 pounds fully grown. >> isn't that small for cows? >> i think it's more on the creepy side than cute. >> it wasn't bred with a pan dark right? i want to make sure. it wasn't cross-bred. >> genetic manipulation. i'll have to look into that. this is the shallow end. speaking of jeans, get it? what would you do for a free
9:53 am
pair of pants? in spain, shoppers stripped down to underwear and waited all night in chilly temps for a free outfit. the first 100 naked or nearly naked would leave fully dressed for free. for the other 100 who stood around in their underwear all night and didn't get anything. last, but not least, check out this video. chuck, i know you love tennis. tennis, we can play on grass or clay but never seen on an aquatic surface. roger federer, rafael nadal, turned tennis into a water sport, playing on a water supreme court for the qatar open which starts today. >> what won't tennis players do for an appearance fee? >> don't dis my favorite sport. do your sport. >> of all sports, it's amazing what they'll do for appearance fees. final week of the nfl regular season. a few teams fighting to keep playoff hopes alive.
9:54 am
green bay packers, math was simple, win, and they'll be in. guess what? they did. the bears held green bay to three points for three quarters but the packers wpulled out 10-, knocking the giants and buck nears from playoff contention. seattle, the seahawks and ram r squared off each trying to become the first team to win a division title with a losing record, only seattle could do that. that honor goes to the seahawk whose squeaked into the playoffs with 7-9 record and get to lose to the saints next week. the colts clinched their second straight division title with the game-winning field goal against the titans yesterday. colts who looked down and out earlier, won their last four, getting help from the jacksonville jaguar whose dropped the last three. my preseason super bowl pick is alive. >> who that is? >> packers and colts meeting but both have to spend a lot of time
9:55 am
on the road rather than at home getting in the playoffs. we'll see. notice i'm not talking about college bowl season. >> new york you aren't. >> i can't. >> we're out of time. but that's not the reason you're not talking about it. >> it isn't. i thought we were going to talk about, when you said speaking of jeans, pajama jeans. i'm fire up about pajama jeans. >> that's it for "the daily rundown." >> next on msnbc, chris jansing and company. >> don't miss "andrea mitchell reports" see you back here tomorrow to discuss pajama jeans.♪ half past 10:00 ♪ ♪ that baby of mine wouldn't let me in ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a dog & a chevy, what else do you need? ♪
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good monday morning. i'm chris jansing. happy new year. for barack obama and the democrats, 2011 brings a new reality to washington. this map shows it to you on wednesday. the republicans will take control of the house of representatives. and they've made their mission clear, to dismantle health care reform, slash government spending, and deny the president
9:59 am
a second term. democrats will still control the senate, but with a smaller majority. president obama, who has said he's ready to battle republicans, itching for a fight, talked about moving the country forward in his weekly address. >> i'm willing to work with anyone, of either party, who's got a good idea and the commitment to see it through. we should all expect you to hold us accountable for our progress or our failure to deliver. >> nbc news contributor richard wolffe is live at the white house for us. good morning. happy new year to you. >> reporter: chris, happy new year. >> we outlined what the republicans say their priorities are. what are the president's? >> reporter: the president's priorities are a variety of jobs, jobs and the economy. first one, first three really, jobs, jobs, and jobs. when you think about where the president has to go before he's re-election, even if unemployment comes down a tenth of a percentage point every single month, unemployment will be higher when


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